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File 131753243036.gif

Shove fileserve, medifire, rapidshits etc into this thread.

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File RJ127090_img_main.jpg

Today's Nourishment: Anime Collection
今夜のオカズ アニメこれくしょん
Hot Flash Loli Animated Gme!
Password: youtube

Game Info:
This is a collection of 18 past released animations for practical use.
Plus 3 all new fully voiced titles, too!
* Falling Sakura Girl Confinement: Re
* Sakura Bitch
* Sakura Blossom
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File excluii.gif

Woman + Loli

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File 0G 1.jpg

This is an unknown artist to me but I like his simple lines and style...Here's the first dozen I've 'rendered'...colored and supplied some real girl's eyes,, \
What do you think? Want the raunchier second half?

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File 0G23.jpg

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File 0G24.jpg

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hey can you upload the unrendered version of these series?

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anybody knows the title of this series? if you can provide me
with the original line arts i can re-render this. :)

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File 43899[1].jpg

can anyone tell me where to find that black humor manga about that little girl abused by her dad gets a stuffed animal and she throws it out the window where a pile has formed....another chapter has her taking a bath with trick question saying no shampoo..cant find it anywhere

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Isn't it called Clarrisa something? I thought I'd saved some of those, but I can't find them right now.

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lolis live

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It's called deep fried

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File 1.jpg

A little help finding this. Please? Name? Artist?

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File 23_44851388_big_p22.jpg


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File 24_44851388_big_p23.jpg


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File 25_44851388_big_p24.jpg


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File 26_44851388_big_p25.jpg


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name (Ghettoyoung) I don't need feminism because I love my big brother's dick!

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File 1425920739581.gif

I was wondering if any girls lurk/post here.

I'd like to meet a girl who's a lolicon, but I have no idea how

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Yeah thats the medical condition that I was talking about, never knew someone in china had it.
Good luck finding anyone like that though, its extremely rare and thats why anyone that has it gets a special on TV about them.
It was the same thing for some american guy who was in his mid 20s and still looked like a kid.

Would like to see what kind of benjamin button abomination they end up turning into once real aging comes into effect though, that'd be interesting.

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Are you me?

Basically ditto your entire post.


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File 1426479794363.jpg

top kek

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30-M here, I was 7 or 8 when I lost my virginity to a girl the same age, but she wouldn't let me fuck her pussy, she wanted ONLY anal, and there were times when she would throw a blanket over the couch and she wanted to fuck right in front of her mom and grandparents! And she always wanted me to do her from behind...either laying face down-ass up, or on all fours a nutshell she was in charge and told me what to do =D We never got caught during the whole 5yrs!! And she even introduced me to her friends! Her best friend's pussy was my first time and I fucked her till we got to Gr. 9 and her family moved. Its hard to explain face to face that I'm interested in loli because it brings back good memories (and there was no abuse in it all) I'm no pedo, but its even harder to explain that little girls want it more than boys, mostly out of curiosity, but some of them DO like it and are glad they found a boy who will be there when she gets the urge for satisfaction :) From Gr. 5-8 I had more girls as "friends" than boys, and the boys couldn't figure out why I'm friends with most of the girls..heheh :p
The boys would call me gay/faggot cuz I prefer to be around girls, but c' around boys who only Think of sex or being around girls who Want to have sex...LOL

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post zebras anon

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File 1426791739710.jpg

If you could have sex with anyone, anywhere, whenever you want, for one day, with no repercussions, describe your day.

Given that your sexual stamina is also unlimited, so that you can keep at it over and over again.

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>suck on a huge cock

Ha, gay. I'd have him ram my loli ass while 69-ing with the other loli.

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OP, great idea for a movie, like The Purge but with sex?

Seriously, once the holodecks are here a ton of people are gonna live in them and possibly perish if they forget to come back to the real world to eat or sleep.

If I could have one day I think I'd still want it to be in VR. My real body would probably be sore and out of fluids by the 4 hour mark.

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You do know that the first(and probably only thing) the world would ban in holodecks is virtual child sex, right? There's no reason to think that won't happen, and there's even precedent for it: Second Life.

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File 1440493498071.jpg

Wich reminds me of this

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Oh yeah, because banning things has always stopped the from existing /s

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File 136252023212.jpg

You know what I want?
Big titted lolis!

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File 136517590114.jpg

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File 136517590139.jpg

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File 136517590213.jpg

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File 136517590225.jpg

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Uhh, big titted lolis aren't lolis...

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File 13535380534.gif

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File 1365739583581.gif

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File 1366425675002.gif

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File sto3 01.gif

Where does that one come from?

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>>3168 >>3181
Does anyone know what these are from?

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File 0001.jpg

Isn't lolicon the best thing in the world ? :D

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go on..

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File 1416180139450-3.jpg

We're lacking a panties thread.

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File 1424204306058-3.jpg

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File 1425805132807-0.jpg

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File 1425805132807-1.jpg

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File 1425805132807-2.png

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File mii02j.jpg

better this one

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File 1427434565440_jpeg.jpg

Does anyone besides me have a fetish where the girls still doing their own thing while having sex?

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I love this stuff, but I'm never sure how to search for it or what to called it.

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It's ながらプレイ in pixiv.

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multitasking on gelbooru

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sad panda? this is very sad :(

pandas are cool

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