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File 131753243036.gif

Shove fileserve, medifire, rapidshits etc into this thread.

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File C1.jpg

Big archive update

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File 1427434565440_jpeg.jpg

Does anyone besides me have a fetish where the girls still doing their own thing while having sex?

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I love this stuff, but I'm never sure how to search for it or what to called it.

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It's ながらプレイ in pixiv.

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multitasking on gelbooru

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File 1425920739581.gif

I was wondering if any girls lurk/post here.

I'd like to meet a girl who's a lolicon, but I have no idea how

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dear god, please go out with me.

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File 1426218606582.png

This may be a little off topic, but my friend (an artist) and myself are working on an RPG that centers around kidnapping, collecting, and domming lolis. We were hoping to get a few female voice actors on the project. The game will cover a wide variety of kinks and fetishes. If there are any legit girls on this board, would you be interested in this?

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We're here.

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File 1426273039144.jpg

Hi OP. We're here.

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there's no way to do this without sounding like a creep…. but, hello! nice to meet you!!

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File 1411645732267.jpg

Post diaper loli I here

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File 1426894220331.jpg

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File 1426894451895.jpg

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File 1426894556156.jpg

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File 1426894681894.jpg

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File 1426894993269.jpg

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File 1425509551503-0.png

Bonus points for delicous brown girls. I'll start with these

[BeNantoka] My Lover is my Brother-In-Law (Comic LO 2014-11)

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File 1425688319485-2.png

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File 1425799567643-0.jpg

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File 1425799567643-1.jpg

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File 1425799567643-2.jpg

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File 1426850968306.png

More people are participating in drama threads rather than posting loli. Let's get this board back on track

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File 1417772400649.jpg

Loli's from Western Vydra games.

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If this finally goes through and nobody has managed to mirror or rip all those images, the loss for the hentai community will be inconceivable.

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It depends on which Rule34 you are talking about. There more than 3 such sites.

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There's just one r34 with tens of thousands of pictures in danger of being purged.

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you can see the images if you make an account

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we have a rule 34 board.

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File 1418012342941.jpg

anyone know where the nude/ loli mod for skyrim ended up or if someone got it for shares?

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I got a bunch of mods running, and did a bunch of shit in game, but just recently, ive been having horrible frame rate issues when i do stuff, especially when I`m around other loli characters. And I can barely even be in my personal house with lolis in it. Any ideas?

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Well obviously it depends on what you have installed. It could be because of mod conflict or something you have is lagging you up. Try disabling mods with Mod Organizer and see what's the cause.

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Anyone know what happened to allthefallen? Looks like they are down completely, not showing anything but a default dead-site search page when trying to get to any links or their home page.

>> No. 6194 Quote report quickreply 

>Looks like they are down completely
Add this line to hosts file:

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I have frame rate issues also when I have lots of characters in the area

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File 1420904679621.jpg

Their talking about banning lolicon by 2020! Faggots!

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From what I've seen, only if they're Wani
Everything from biribiri and Dametrans comes up on an exhentai search
both moved to fakku over two years ago

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Apparently the British media aren't churning out enough bullshit.

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File 1425685656314.png

I'm starting to fucking detest the Guardian and their hypocrisy.

>> No. 6694 Quote report quickreply 

Could you tell me what the main argument in that article is? Don't want to give them any money.

>> No. 6695 Quote report quickreply 

Something about a play if I'm reading this right, though it's more like some kind of push for more typical thoughtcrime BS.

>Even by watching and applauding the production I felt somehow complicit in, or at least too much in the company of, what was being imagined. Some thoughts one shouldn’t think. Some ideas ought to be banished from one’s head.

>The paedophile in the play argues that his behaviour in the Nether is a safe discharge of his sexual urges towards children. That no real children, only pixels, are harmed. That virtual paedophilia is victimless.

Some crap about religion…

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File 1419704950458.png

Anything related to Pee
Lolis peeing while gettin fucked, peeing their panties, Futas peeing ect.

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File 1426084971884-0.gif

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File 1426084971884-1.jpg

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File 1426084971884-2.jpg

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File 1426084971884-3.jpg

>> No. 6683 Quote report quickreply 
File 1426084971884-4.jpg

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File 1416180139450-3.jpg

We're lacking a panties thread.

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File 1424204306058-2.jpg

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File 1424204306058-3.jpg

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File 1425805132807-0.jpg

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File 1425805132807-1.jpg

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File 1425805132807-2.png

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File 13535380534.gif

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File sto3 01.gif

Where does that one come from?

>> No. 4867 Quote report quickreply 

it's from a game

>> No. 4966 Quote report quickreply 

name of game/anime?

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>> No. 6293 Quote report quickreply 

>>3168 >>3181
Does anyone know what these are from?

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File 1423689307047.jpg

What's your favorite anime that features lolis, /l/?

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without doubt, kodomo no jikan !!!!

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File 1424113252477.png

This one. The only lovable tsundere loli for me.

>> No. 6102 Quote report quickreply 
File 1424201302090.png

Yeah, Kodomo no Jikan for life.

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File 1424340300235.jpg

Dear god yes, but virtually any loli in animu/mango attracts my attention.
I never watched the anime for Kodomo no Jikan, but I read the manga and it was absolutely amazing.
Thought I was going to read it for a fap, ended up reading it for an incredible/fun story.

>> No. 6195 Quote report quickreply 

Me too! When I started the manga my thought was "great! more fap material" truth be told I never faped to KnJ, not even once! Not because the manga wasn't erotic but because I really felt the story was good and didnt want to miss any meaning while frenzy faping xD

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