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File 101.jpg

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File 148.jpg

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File 149.jpg

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source plz ? >86553

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File TitleVxV1.png

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great collections.. i think that one is from kinuka..

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File 188921.jpg

search pics from Elli The Last of Us

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File 211610.jpg

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File 211767.jpg

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File 211988.jpg

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File 212226.jpg

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File 212437.jpg

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File 134367806733.jpg

Best Lolicon movie/ova/video?

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Any links for that? Listing on some anime database, shop or maker site?

Google doesn't even know what this is

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your google-fu is just weak.

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hey hey!!! Yea, thats it!!! i scowered all over an found a ton of sites offering it but when you finally wait for the download to start and enter the captcha it ends up being a scam "downloader" i dont need a downloader... just the file :(

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I cant tell if you're retarded or just bad at internet.

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I can tell... It‘s a combo!
And I bet the retard/noob distribution around 60/40...

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File 1365390279743.jpg

I love loli so much. But i'm a 17 year old girl. Am I wrong ;o

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File 135863166847.jpg

Lolicon's good fun, erotic, but I don't think its pedo. Personally I have no urges for underaged sex, but love lolicon. I don't see why a woman can't love it too, its just about imagination, imagary, fantasy, . . but not reality. personally to find a woman into lolicon is pretty damn hot

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i worked up the curage to show my GF and suprisingly enuff she is fine with it :) it was taking a huge boulder off my shoulders that i can draw it freely around her and dont need to worry. but its a double edge sword... i got a little to complacent and had my pad out on the table when her friend came over.... THANKFULLY if what just some rough sketches and the privats wernt drawn to detail yet. she lied and said it was for a animation project with little little girls in a playground. they took it thank goodnes... so if you do tell someone an they accept dont be to complacent

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Can I get some info on the girl from the 1st and the tenth poster plz? Perhaps a her name or the artists?

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Nope, but I wish there were more girls like you...

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My mother raised my brother and I to be Christian (my dad is essentially an atheist, though), so I know how you feel. Christians don't tend to be quite as strong as Catholics (unless they're those crazy ones in America - I forgot the name of the church, but you know the ones I'm talking about, I'm sure), but still... I want to be more open-minded, but my mum feels so restricting.

It's also really hard, because at my age (19), I'm struggling with religion. Whereas I used to embrace it, I now find myself questioning it.

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File 133955529298.jpg

we need some loli/shota content
random pics welcomed, comics preferred
(not quite sure if this belongs in /ss/ or here so i'm postin it in both)

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File 136789457660.png

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File 136844300159.jpg

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File 137068962225.jpg

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File 137068962226.jpg

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File 137068962398.jpg

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File 135607500227.jpg

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File 135607539494.png

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File 135607539495.png

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File 135607539582.jpg

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File 135986598974.jpg

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File 137067546475.jpg

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File 137062771325.jpg

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File 137062854525.png

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File 137062854639.jpg

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File 137062854687.jpg

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File 137062854713.jpg

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File 137062854730.jpg

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File 134715170819.jpg

Loli yuri

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File 137050128337.jpg

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File 137062825783.png

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File 137062825815.jpg

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I fucking love that pic.

Also, before I post anything, is it okay if one of the lolis is a futa?

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Yeah. It's still lolicon

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File 130370874470.jpg

Does anyone have the one where the brother finds the tape of the step sister and dad, he then shows her the tape and he convinces her to fuck

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File covers.jpg

animated flashes

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it dont work :( how i open the file

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*Which one are you having problems with?
*Are you on a Mac?

...or could it be that you're saying that you can't open RAR archives? (just google "open rar archive")

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yeah it isn't working everytime I try to run the app it shows an error.

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Repeat: it doesn't work for me i try to open it and i just get an error

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Here is all three of this series.
72.5 MB E.C.M. -
46.0 MB E.C.M. 2 -
87.5 MB E.C.M. 3 -

To make it run, drop the "index" file into your internet browser.

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File cel shade 133983841835.png

Lovely and joyful cel shade art. But I don't know the name of the artist. Does anyone please know.

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File cel shade 133983858661.png

And this is the last one I've got.

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thanks for posting, are there any more like this?

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I hope so, but this is all I got. I've got hits in Tineye and Google Images, but more pics or the artists name turned out nil, because I can't read japanese.

Maybe someone else have better luck.

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The artist is called Ponz

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File _RJ106618_img_main.jpg

[Loli Game] えっちな秘密基地

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File fucking finally.jpg

To install change locale to Japan or *preferably* use Microsoft AppLocale (google it)

Just remember to shift-rightclick on AppLocale exe to "Run as Admin" cause the installer also wants to be run as admin.

Tested - working

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still cant get it to work :(

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1. AppLocale (YOU MUST shift+rightclick>Run as Admin) to install
2. AppLocale again on game's exe file to run game. Tick a box to create a permanent shortcut.

Japanese language is "日本語"

Tested by multiple people on several boards

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Oh wait, I know what may be the problem:
You extract it to a folder with a Japanese name, "えっちな秘密基地" right?

Just change that folder name to English (anything will do) and the procedure will work.

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still can't get it to work 3 questions it asks but can't understand japanese any help

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